Residential architecture

Designed with creativity for unique and adventurous people across the tropics. Landscapes are a part of the design. Warm, modern, practical. Integrity, commitment and passion.

Concept design

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Construction and construction managament





Exceptional eco-lodges hyper elevate the experience of a specific place. Our designs capture the spirit, culture and environment of a place. Because we have a long history of eco-lodge design, we work with clients to get the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect of design just right.

Visioning workshops

Visualizations for investors

Concept design


Construction drawings

Submittals to authorities

Construction and construction management


Master Planning

A comprehensive master plan is a key planning tool for a sustainable development; it also expresses the goals of a project and the vision to investors. We help you plan long and short term phases.

Our goal is to build a master plan that steers a development holistically, where the relationship between people and that particular place is strong.

Site selection

Site analysis

Land use programming

Feasibility Studies


National Parks

National Parks architecture is where we began. We were lucky to learn this expertise from the radical perspective that national parks infrastructure must not only be practical and durable, but inspiring and uplifting. We have worked for parks in Gabon, Madagascar, Panama and Belize to create some of the most compelling and critical infrastructure for the protection of animals and education centers for people.

Design with a coherent language across parks buildings

Visioning Workshops


Education Centers

Master Planning

Public-Private Partnership Concepts


Trails Design

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Visitor Services


Creative Consultancy

Together, assessing the opportunities in a landscape, anticipating the future and parsing out the goals of the project. Visualizing, prioritizing, budgeting and making an action plan. Putting the right people in place to bring a creative project to life.

Land analysis

Project identification

Concept Design


Business Plans

Green Plans