For Andrew and Beth Coates, founders of Cresolus, designing and building is a way of life. Our shared purpose is to celebrate nature with uplifting, distinctive buildings with integrity.

In our work and travels we study remnants of vernacular architecture from the Caribbean, Central Africa and across to Indonesia and put them to work in our designs. We've found that using time honored practices enhances modern technology.

Over 20 years we have built a strong team of committed architects, engineers and craftspeople. We collaborate with trusted experts in ecology, conservation and research. All of us at Cresolus are committed to bring people and nature together.


from the World Green Building Trends 2016 Smart Market Report:

  • High-performing buildings can be sold at a premium, with the average green building worth 7 percent more than its traditional counterpart.

  • Green buildings, on average, are 14 percent less costly to operate than traditional buildings, with most new builds today achieving significantly more energy savings than that. 

  • Market demand for green building is doubling every three years.