Step 1: Meeting you

Your ideas come first. We listen. We ask questions. During our meeting we'll give you an idea of the technical, design and planning issues you may need to consider. 

In this first meeting we also want to make sure we understand at least roughly how much you want to spend. We will tell you if your budget is realistic. But at this early stage we cannot provide a quote.

After this meeting we will send you a proposal for a design concept.

Step 2: Concept Design

The design concept is the first phase of the design process. In the concept we present plans and renderings that give an impression of what can be achieved with the scope, your space and budget.

We fully invite you to work with us, as a team member, to nail the concept. 

Step 3: Budget

Once you feel thrilled with the concept, we prepare a provisional budget. Many design detail decisions later on can affect the budget. But, because we are the ones building your project, we are best positioned to know where cost risks lie and help you make informed decisions. This process is often remarkably fun for our clients.

Step 4:  Design Development

We prepare a contract for design development. These are the details to do with structure, and materials and so on required to produce the most excellent results. Cresolus produces all its own construction drawings to a very high standard. Because we are responsible for building it, we take this stage very seriously. The cost of developing the designs is 15% of the construction.

Step 4 and a half: Interiors and Finishes Choices

During the schematic phase, Cresolus offers design services ranging from basic architectural finishes (countertops, bathroom fixtures, lighting and everything else nailed down) to assembling furnishings: sofas, beds, napkin rings and art.

The most basic elements of the design must be chosen with expertise in the tropics. With 15 years' experience living and designing in the tropics, we know what works and what lasts and what does not.  

Step 5: Construction

Over the years we have worked with and trained some serious craftspeople. It is in our interest to build your project to the highest quality. We, the designers, can't hide behind the builder. 

It's also in our interest to work within your budget and timeline.

At the end of the construction phase we invite you to check our work for snagging. We are famous for keeping these to a minimum but it happens. We create a comprehensive list and check them off.

Step 6: After Care

When the work is completed, we give you a manual with all care sheets, warranties and practical advice for keeping your project conditioned and maintained in the tropics.