We are so proud of our work with National Parks. From Madagascar, to Gabon, to Belize and Panama, our work plays a role in helping preserve wildlife and contributes to education and livelihoods around the parks. Our work in national parks across the world informs just about everything we do.

We worked with Parks Gabon and the Wildlife Conservation Society to develop a ‘Vision for Sustainable Tourism in the 21st Century’. This hardcover lushly illustrated book is the plan for all eco-tourism development in the nation and a National Geographic ‘Changemaker’ finalist for its innovative master planning, design and green plan created by Cresolus.

ANGAP, the Parks authority in Madagascar hired us to design networks, trail infrastructure to improve visitor experience as well as concept ideas for kickstarting tourism with local communities in 3 parks.

The government of Belize contracted Cresolus to improve visitor experience in Mountain Pine Ridge national parks; our suite of vision reception areas; eco-tourism products and trail infrastructure are making the park more attractive to investors and visitors.

Panama’s Soberania National Park will be getting a much needed upgrade when the designs for its jewel: Soberania National Park go into effect.